What is Internity ?

A platform which creates an ecosystem of Research, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Indian Engineering Colleges particularly Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges through a Community based Collaborative learning model connecting students directly with Industrial Experts.

Our Impact

Hackathons | Our speciality

The Learning Structure : 4 step process we follow

Motive of this structure - Clear your Vision, become enable to achieve the vision and do it.

Vision Alignment

To clear what we view and creating a roadmap with you to achieve this.

Ability Development

If you want to get skilled fully, you should first become able to learn that skill.


You will be evaluated on every task and we ensure that you learn to succeed.


We ensure that your talent should get a platform to excel.

Our Programs

We come with a lot of opportunities with our programs throughout the year

The Internity Summer Internship

45 days internship focussing on your ability development of the skills you learn within this time period.

COE Program

A program specially designed for Colleges for providing innovation, research, incubation of ideas and practical exposure to new technologies.

Crowdsourcing Internship Program

A program designed with corporates where our industry ready students work to deliver production ready code.

The Internity Winter Internship

30 days internship to coach you on the learning path which your potential deserves.

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for anything related to Recruitment, mail to: recruitment@internity.in

If you want to partner, mail to: sangya.srivastava@internity.in

for anything related to Internship, mail to: internship@internity.in