Lal Bahadur Shastri College,Lucknow(Workshop)


Cloud & IoT

IoT Cloud is a platform that is designed to store and process Internet of Things (IoT) data. It is massively scalable real-time event processing engine. The platform is built to take in the massive volumes of data generated by devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers and partners and initate actions for real-time responses. For example, wind turbines could adjust their behavior based on current weather data; airline passengers whose connecting flights are delayed or cancelled could be rebooked before the planes they are on have landed.

What we did
The session was delivered into different sections which contains
1. What is Internity ?
2. What are we doing ?
3. How are we doing ?
Then coming to the technical stuff, IoT and Cloud was introduced
1. What is Internet Of Things (IoT) ?
2. Why it Cloud Computing?
3. Role of Cloud in Iot?

About Event
1. Our Overall rating for the worshop 4/5
2. Students were interacting and cordinating.
3. Highly energentic and curious people
4. Learning was not only part of students