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Machine Learning

Google ML's Crash Course announced. We are thrilled to be helping you move up, more and more people will be realizing just how capable they are. You heard that right..Google's Fast Paced ML Guide for Aspiring Practioners. This program is intended for those who wish to learn ML from a practical, applied perspective that will enable them to use machine learning in their projects and who wish to benefit from the power of TensorFlow.

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What we going to deliver

1. Descend into ML, understand key terminology (training, testing, validation, cost functions, learning rate) and take the first step through linear regression: understand the mathematics and implement the algorithm. Use it to understand the working of GRADIENT DESCENT. Learn logistic regression to handle simple classification problems.

2. Insight into Tensorflow: which is a computational framework for building machine learning models. Step into deep learning, understanding the anatomy of neural networks and how they function to be the most powerful tools. Learn the mathematics happening behind.


• You must be proficient in programming basics and have some coding experience in Python.
• You can do intro-level algebra (variables, coefficients, derivatives, partial derivatives, matrix multiplications.)