Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya , Haridwar ( Workshop )



Docker is a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization also known as containerization. It was first released in 2013 and is developed by Docker, Inc. Docker is used to run software packages called "containers". Docker is a tool that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. This helps enable flexibility and portability on where the application can run, whether on premises, public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, etc

What we did

The session was bifurcated into different sections which contains
1. What is Internity ?
2. What are we doing ?
3. How are we doing ?

Then coming to the technical stuff, Dockers was introduced
1. What is Dockers ?
2. Why it is being rapidly adapted in the industry?

A hands-on experience to the students to try their hands on Docker
1. Students installed docker
2. Created a docker image.
3. Deployed it on local.
4. Pushed same image on Heroku

Participation certificates were given to all the students who participated in this session