Internity Student Ambassador Program: 2K18

About Program

Internity Student Ambassador Program recognizes smart-working , potential, motivated and enthusiastic individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent INTERNITY in their college campus. We believe that every student in India should get the right opportunities to live their dream careers.

This program also provides the Student Ambassador with an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience and enhance your skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork and working with specialists in the field of Information Technology.

Program duration

The program will start the moment you are selected and it will be a 1 Year commitment. Since it is a performance based model, you decide the time you want to give. You have to devote about 3-4 hours per week.

Note: Exam breaks are perfectly fine with us and you are not expected to devote any time to ISA during exams.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Your core responsibility would be to create the environment of curiosity to learn and students ready to use our offerings by organizing activities like technical & non-technical session, webinar and such events.
  • You will conduct Internity Introduction session for new joinees and do their orientation by clearing all their doubts (If required you can invite any of Internity Member).
  • Supervising Internity remote programs and Reporting issues to Internity Team.
  • Contribution in Media management team (Through Blog , Post , Article).
  • To promote Internity brand, products & services among your college students and provide them with latest internships, Events & Competition.

Rewards and Benefits

  • An appreciation certificate for your constant dedicated effort for your college betterment and all top performers will also get a letter of recommendation from Internity.
  • Special invite to join Community Outreach events.
  • Reward of name by involvement in Media promotions (Through Blog, Post, Article).
  • You will get preference in all of our programs.
  • Internity cool goodies will always be a plus for you.
  • Direct access to a big network of intellectuals, professionals and really smart and experienced people for your guidance.
  • Future (Associate of Internity and Get chance to make bigger contribution in this initiative).

Learning Opportunities

  • Opportunity to get Mentoring from Internity Expert including special training for every aspect of leadership and communication.
  • Opportunity to work and get to know a startup from its idea phase to a complete product.
  • The ISA program will give you an opportunity to learn skills like leadership, communication, social media management and the most important of all, team work.
  • You will participate in learning tracks created just for you on topics like Journey from Student to Entrepreneurship etc.
  • You take ownership to start something on your own, you have all our guidance and help.

Selection Procedure

  • Shortlisting candidates on the basis of ISA registration forms.
  • Final selection on the basis of telephonic / skype interview.

Who can Apply?

  • Any college student who is willing to take responsibilities.
  • Who are available for minimum duration of 6 months.
  • Who can devote about 3-4 hours per week.
  • Internity Student Ambassador program is open for all students.