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Strategic Partnerships with Colleges, Training Centers and Leading Technology Organisations give a driving force to the initiative to deliver quality services to the students. Our Partners help us to further innovate and focus on our vision of creating ‘Change Ready’ professionals.

Here is what Internity offers to its various partners:


Colleges are Internity’s immediate beneficiary as this is why Internity got created. We love to partner with colleges and provide following services to them:

  • 6 Month Project Based Internship Program with a workshop every month for transforming working environment in colleges.
  • Startup Incubation & Research facilities with a mentoring from industrial experts.
  • Placement Opportunities in Internity’s Corporate Partner Organisations.
  • Faculty Upliftment Programs.

Training Partners

We at Internity have high regards for corporate trainers as they have a huge job to shape up careers of students, in order to increase their efficiency and quality of delivery, Internity supports classroom training programs in the following way:

  • Our Summer and Winter Internship is designed to enhance classroom training programs where we are providing remote coaching for a profound technical learning of students
  • Opportunity of leading workshops in our partner colleges for the trainers

Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners play an important part in our strategic planning as they will be our long term beneficiaries. Here’s how Internity benefits its Corporate partners:

  • Internity contributes in ‘Learning Curve’ minimisation, a major problem of all organisations through regular meetups and ‘change ready’ freshers
  • Investment Opportunities in our various Startup Projects for a long lasting business